Edible Paint- Pearlescent 6 count (Red, Yellow, WHite, Blue, Purple, Black)


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Now you can paint like an artist on your cakes, cookies, embellishments, decorations, and other food with the FondX Edible Pearlescent Paint. These edible paints are formulated with a Pearlescent pigment giving it a glittery sparkle. Expand your decorating options with painting designs on your food surfaces just as you would with paint on paper/canvas. The paint has a semi-thick “acrylic” like texture allowing for a unique painting experience for your food. Also great for painting words, details, stencils, and other high detailed designing.

The edible paint sets and dries nicely with a shiny finish. The thick texture allows for painting with a 3D textured effect, providing a very similar experience to painting with acrylic or oil paints on paper.

These edible paints are ready to use right from the jar, and are easy to mix or alter to achieve your desired color and tones. Accepts color easily and mixes well with food colors. The open mouth jars allow for easy access to dip your brushes.

Colors Included: Black, Red, Gold, Blue, Purple, and Pearl

Includes: Set of 6 (2 oz bottles)

Also Includes: Variety pack of 6 paint brushes

Flavor: Neutral