Candy Making

From delicious chocolates to your favorite hard candy, candy making is also an art.  By providing the right tools and know how Grandma C will help turn candy making into a passion.

You will enjoy our selection of candy molds.  Not only the variety, but the fun shapes help to make your candy the “hit of the party!”  The molds can be used for chocolates, sugar molding, butter molding,  sugar paste molding,  and also finger Jell-O.

Cook’s has a complete selection of oils and flavorings for you candy making, whether you are creating chocolate and hard candies.  Additionally, we have colors especially manufactured for chocolates, and cream centers.

Packaging, the final creative touch for your candy, is not neglected.  There are many sizes and types of cups, candy boxes, and poly bags to help make the “presentation” of your delectable morsels a feast for the eyes and also allow for safe transporting of candy gifts.

Remember, if you ever have a question like why you should use this-or-that, just ask one of our team of experts, they will truly enjoy helping solve your candy making problem, big or small.

Quick Treats:

Chocolate Candy Making

Grandma C’s carries Clasen Confectionary brand coating. We offer the popular milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white coatings.

Pink, red, light green, yellow, dark green, peanut flavored coatings are also available and as colorful options.  All of our coatings are very easy to work with and are delicious in taste.  To ensure that the appearance of your home-made candy is as great as it's taste, Grandma C has prepared notes for you on the correct approach to using candy coatings.  Please check out "Notes on Working with Chocolate Coatings" on our Useful Information page.

Cook’s Cake Decorating and Candy Supplies offers an extensive choice of molds for creating chocolate candies.  Whether you want bite size pieces, candy bars, cream centers or specialized shapes, we carry a large variety of molds for your projects, including sucker shapes, molds for occupations, animals, holidays.

Remember to always have your candy molds at room temperature, as well as clean and dry.

Hard Candy Making

When making Hard Candy always test your thermometer before making your recipe.

When candy is at the desired temperature and you are ready to add the color or flavoring oil, always add the color or flavoring in 2 equally divided amounts, in 2 steps.  The first addition may mostly cook out.  The second will give you the more distinct flavor, as the syrup will have cooled slightly.

Try not to stir excessively when adding the flavor and/or color or the resulting candy will be cloudy, not clear as desired.

Generally, it is recommended that you spray your molds for hard candy making.  It is a good idea to taste your spray.  Some sprays do not taste as good as others.  Also, if a spray has stood for a period of time, it could become rancid.  This will affect the taste of your candy .

Hard Candy is very susceptible to humidity.  Humidity will make your candy become sticky and it may eventually melt to a syrup.  Therefore, you need to wrap the candy well and put it in an airtight container.

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