Grandma C's Tips

Grandma C has taught cake decorating and candy making since 1970.  Grandma C will be providing hot tips on everything from the newest products on the market to the latest trends and techniques.  Just ask Grandma C how to solve your decorating and baking problems, big or little (she recalls a few challenging moments when she would have welcomed a tip or two).

Tip #1

Cane Sugar is best used in making candy syrups.

Other sugars scorch before getting to the temperature required.

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Tip #2

Best pans for baking are aluminum pans. They distribute heat evenly.  Stainless steel pans do not heat evenly; they have hot and cold spots. Dark colored pans will create steam in the bottom of the pan preventing browning of the cake bottom.

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Tip #3

Citric Acid is used in the same amounts regardless of whether it’s liquid or crystals.

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Tip #5

When greasing and flouring your cake pans, DO NOT use butter as your grease.  Butter is about 20% water.  As the cake bakes, the water in butter turns to steam and you will have a soggy bottom on your cake.

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Tip #6

To make a Heart Cake without a heart pan, make one layer each in same size round and square pan.  Cut round in half.  Put half round on adjoining sides of square to make heart shape.

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Tip #7

To melt 1 lb. caramel in microwave, cook on high 1 min. and stir.

Cook 50% power l min. and stir.

Repeat 50% power in 30 second timings.  Stir after each timing until melted.

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Tip #8

Pie crust made with Paramount Crystals will give you a flakier crust.

Replace 1/5 of shortening in recipe with same amount of Paramount Crystals.

Mix as usual.

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Tip #9

The use of Powdered Colors will reduce the bitterness when making a dark color.

When using Powdered Color in a whipped topping add to liquid, dissolve before beating.

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Tip #10

Use Pure Cane Sugar in icing for truer colors that hold color longer with less fading.

Beet sugar will not hold colors and will fade faster.

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Tip #11

A fast way to smooth a cake surface; use a #BS10 plastic bowl scraper.
Hold against icing as you rotate cake with turntable.

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Tip #12

To soften Rolled Fondant before starting to knead, simply microwave for approx. 20 seconds.  This will make

kneading easier and the fondant more pliable and easier to work up.

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Tip #13

For a softer Nestle Caramel bite, add 1 - 2 tablespoon milk or water to 1 lb. of caramel when melting.

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Tip #14

8" - 10" pieces of clear cake collar works well for smoothing icing when making 3D cakes from cake rounds.

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Tip #15

Use a clean knife or toothpick each time you remove paste color from jar.

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Tip #16

Rub a small amount of shortening on threaded end of pillar to make for easier set up and disassembly.

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Tip #17

There are 3 kinds of replacement tubes for stands LCS1 and LCS2.

  • Straight tube
  • Tube milled one end only
  • Tube milled both ends

Be sure you know the correct type of replacement tube before ordering.

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Tip #18

When assembling the stands LCS1 and LCS2, notice the tubes are slightly smaller on one end.  If they seem wobbly, turn them over.

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Tip #19

For Dummy Cakes, ice with display coat and then decorate with buttercreme or royal icing.  When dirty, wash the decorations and reuse.  The base will stay good.

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Tip #20

To make a Diamond Shaped cake when you do not have a diamond shaped pan.  Using either a square or rectangle cake, cut a paper pattern the same size as cake.  Fold paper in half to find the center.  Cut from a corner to center on both sides.  Place cut pieces on the edge that is not cut.

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