January 2024 through June 2024 Classes

To Sign up call 1-414-257-0055 or email

All Classes are $60 per person with exception to the fondant classes they are $80

All Classes are on Thursdays 5pm – 7pm & Saturdays 10 am – 2pm

Cancelation Policy:  All cancelations within 48 hours will forfeit half the cost of the the class.  No Show is full forfeiture cost of the class.

  • February 1st & 3rd– Valentine’s Day Confections
  • February 8th & 10th– Valentine’s Day Decorated Cookies
  • February 22nd & 24th– St. Patrick’s Cake
  • March 7th & 9th– Easter Decorated Cookies
  • March 14th & 16th– Jack of All Trades: Easter
  • April 4th & 6th Spring Floral Cake
  • April 11th & 13th– Children’s Books Decorated Cookies
  • April 18th & 20th– Jack of All Trades: May the 4th (Star Wars)
  • May 9th & 11th– Mermaid Decorated Cookies
  • May 16th & 18th– Under the Sea Cupcakes
  • June 6th & 8th– Prince’s Birthday Decorated Cookies
  • June 13th & 15th– Super Hero Cake
  • June 27th & 29th– Jack of All Trades: Harry Potter


Decorated Cookies- We use royal icing to decorate 6 cut out cookies that are in shapes for our theme or holiday.

Confections- We use our Clasen Chocolate Coatings to make different treats like Chocolate Covered Oreos, Marshmallows, Rice Krispies, and Pretzels. We also use multiple molds and then decorated everything using colored chocolates, sprinkles, royal icing and decorations.

Cake- Each of our cake classes use an 8” round, pre-baked cake, using our Pillsbury Bakers Plus Cake Mix and baked in a state inspected facility. We use out in house buttercream frostings to Fill, Crumb Coat and Final Coat our cakes. Then we add fun decorations that go with our theme or holiday.

Jack of All Trades- In this newer class style we do a little of everything! We make Decorated Cupcakes, Decorated Cookies and a few Confections! We use our in house buttercream, along with Clasen Chocolate Coatings and royal icing to decorated everything to go with our theme or holiday!


To sign up, please stop by or give us a call! All classes are $60 per person! Ages 9 and up! Classes can be cancelled if there are less than 4 people.

Cancellation Policy- All cancellations within 48 hours of class will forfeit half of the class cost. NO SHOW- forfeit of full class cost!