Chocolate Covered Cherries

½ Cup Dry Fondant (Cooks item# FP013-1)

3 Tbsp. Maraschino Cherry Juice

l /8 tsp Invertase (Cooks Item#009797) Mix altogether will be light pink and grainy

Use small cherries to make sure they fit in the mold. The off brand of cherries from Aldi’s or Pick
n Save’s Roundy’s brand works great.

Dry cherries thoroughly before starting

To Make Chocolate Covered Cherries – Use a chocolate mold (Cooks item #CMA06) and paint up the
sides of teach cavity with a small brush to make sure the mold is well coated and no thin spots.
Spoon a small amount of syrup mixture from above into the mold, insert cherry, carefully fill mold
with chocolate. Use brush or shake mold gently so chocolate covers all the way to the edge Do Not
Tap Mold this will cause the cherry to go through the top of the chocolate mold. Put mold in
refrigerator for about 15 minutes. Flip mold out onto padded surface so the thin chocolate shell
does not break. They are ready to eat when they come back to room temperature. Once they are back
to room temperature the center will be a clear pink.